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With Baker Mayfield gone and the Browns bracing for news on the fate of Deshaun Watson, they need to have a plan at quarterback for 2022, if Watson isn’t available for all or most of the year.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently reported that the Browns plan to sign a backup to Jacoby Brissett, if Watson is suspended for a “lengthy period of time.” Currently, Josh Dobbs is the third quarterback on the depth chart, behind Watson and Brissett.

This report implies that the Browns wouldn’t pursue 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, if/when Watson receives a lengthy suspension.

Frankly, that may just be posturing by Cleveland. They won’t want to pay Garoppolo his full $25 million freight, and they won’t want to give the 49ers more than what the Browns got for Mayfield — a 2024 fifth-round pick that can become a fourth-round pick. If they lose Watson for the year, the 49ers may decide to get a little greedy.

Garoppolo definitely makes sense as a one-year Band-Aid, if Watson isn’t available. The question isn’t relevant until we know whether Watson is or isn’t available.

Judge Sue L. Robinson will eventually a decision as to the potential discipline of Watson. Our guess continues to be that she issues a ruling the week of July 25.