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In the middle of a segment on how the extreme, record-breaking heat across Texas could cause rolling blackouts in the Houston area, one TV meteorologist found himself in the middle of the story.

KTRK’S Travis Herzog was explaining how heat over major population centers, like those in Houston and surrounding areas, could cause rolling blackouts. Moments later, the station lights turned off as the station itself lost power due to the heat.

I kid you not…it just happened AGAIN during my 5PM broadcast.

Maybe it’s just my electrifying personality, maybe not. But this time I was fully expecting Ashton Kutcher to come around the corner and say, “You’ve been PUNKED!”

A quick explanation… (1/3) pic.twitter.com/GC0GzAqK0B— Travis Herzog (@TravisABC13) July 13, 2022

“One of our engineers informed me we went off the grid a little after 3 p.m.,” Herzog said in a post on Twitter. “The studio lights aren’t on a dedicated backup power source, so they went off as we switched generator power.”

Despite the power being knocked out, Herzog kept reporting, informing local viewers about the intense heat. About two hours later, power was restored to the station during the middle of Herzog’s forecast, causing the lights to turn off again as the station switched from generator power to being back on the grid.

“I learned last time I’m still on live TV, so here’s the forecast,” Herzog quipped while live on air. “Let there be light.”